Where Does Our Child Go?

Quick, what did you want to be when you grew up? Now look at your life…


If you’re anything like me as a youngster you were going to be a veterinarian one day and the next day you were for sure going to be an astronomer. But before you go to college to become an astronomer you were going to have a successful music career.
Then as time goes on you decide ‘my voice isn’t quite good enough for a music career but I can totally become a producer instead and find great voices’. Then you decide that ‘math doesn’t come as easy to me as it does to others so I should pick a major that doesn’t involve equations’. Then you end up graduating college with a communications degree because you’re really good at reading and saying words at least.* The music career never happened. When the actual fuck did we decide its okay to belittle our aspirations to become normal? Why is normal expected? When do we stop DREAMING?

How different would the world be if the capacity to stop dreaming never happened? Who would we be? How many accomplishments and awards would line our mahogany trophy cases in our over-sized home? Would we wonder how over-sized homes became the norm? How many people could we help if we never stopped dreaming?

There’s a disease going on in my generation currently. The disease of ‘I’m Too Old Now’ or ITON for short. We start to think this way at an alarmingly young age. I knew I wasn’t good at math by the second grade after being told over and over again in first grade that I couldn’t solve word problems as good as the other kids. When the fuck did it become okay to focus on our childrens’ flaws? Ever since then I’ve been scaling down my dreams to meet new, disillusioned expectations. It breaks my heart to realize this now. ITON is alive and well in my life. I know this because I have an idea book with pages and pages of business and charity ideas. Expect that’s all they are, ideas in a book. I can’t start on any of them because I can’t solve word problems like the other kids in first grade.

ITON is bullshit. Scaling down your dreams to better meet expectations is also bullshit. If you’re anything like me now as a 26 year old you’re already very tired of living your life based on incorrect, inward expectations. AND YOU’RE ONLY 26. Do you realize what you can accomplish in a year, 5 years, or 10 years? I sure as hell don’t which is why I’m writing this to try and knock some sense into myself.

Stop the excuses, find your child! What do you want to be when you grow up?



*I am beyond thankful to have a degree from a university I loved and do not take that for granted. Boiler Up!


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