Using Fitness to Heal A Broken Heart

“Breakups make body builders”


I shared that on my IG a little over a year ago. A photo with a persons head down on a set of stairs. I had just been broken up with. We hadn’t been together long but it stung like hell. How does the saying go? For every month you are together it takes a week to get over them. That’s total bull shit.

Here I am now over a year later and I’ve been broken up with again. Same situation different person. The only difference is that this time I actually thought to myself, “Maybe it’s me?” That’s bull shit too. Don’t ever tell yourself that. Unless you have a serious issue like heroin addiction then yes I’m sorry its probably you.

On the morning of the dreaded “I think we took this too fast” I couldn’t focus. I had to go to a job and sit at a desk for 8 hours to “work”. Instead I spent much of it in the bathroom wondering how in the hell I was going to get through this again. For the record, I’ve had a lot of relationships and dating-ships. Each one very different in the way it hurts when it ends. But I keep putting myself out there because there is someone that will understand me in ways never understood before. I just haven’t met him yet.

Flash forward to the end of the day when I could finally head to the gym. I met my trainer Nick, great guy, been in a relationship for 5 years which is fucking awesome. Especially since I can’t seem to keep one last for more than 2. He asked the question like every other day, “How’s your day, Britney?” “Really shitty” I replied. When he asked why I explained. After my explanation I included, “It’s not like I’m devastated but it still stings. Starting over again is the worst part of it all.” He agreed, although he probably had to wonder what starting over would be like for a second.

And that was it. I didn’t cry like I had been doing all day. I laughed and we got to work. I haven’t had that good of a workout in weeks. I know because my back is tensing up in my desk chair as I type this. I haven’t cried today because I know I have a hot date with the gym for 2 hours later tonight. The only problem is that once I leave I’ll have to eat an ungodly amount of food and get back to the reality of my mind. But I know if I do that day after day then the sting will subside and I can move on to something better. Like a new gym maybe.

The point here is my heart has been broken many times. And I swear to God its not me. I’m a fucking nice person who has her life together pretty nicely even at 25. Every time this happens, I go to the gym and lift until I can’t lift anymore and I make myself feel better. Putting the pain of your heart into the pain of your muscles just works.

So to anyone feeling down because you too have to start over. Get to the gym and lift for your life, and for the sake of your mental stability.


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