I Didn’t Have A Phone For 36 Hours and I’m Still Alive

I don’t know what it is with phones and water, but they definitely do not mix and I definitely have some bad luck. I remember the last time I lost my phone to water. It wasn’t just water either, it was the ocean and I was on spring break. I won’t say whether or not alcohol had any influence on my bright idea to go waste deep into the blue while soaking my uncool but very practical fanny pack. Either way, that is what happened. Even better was that it was our first day there and I didn’t have a phone the entire week. You know what was awesome though? That was the most carefree week of my entire life.

This time was not as exciting as spring break. I was doing laundry actually. But nonetheless I quickly realised my phone had been on my bed as I took off my sheets to wash them. Funny how it stayed perfectly entangled inside as if it were destiny for me to not have a phone for a period of time. After a couple minutes I knew what had happened and also knew that it was too late to save. The awesome thing about this situation? My world didn’t end as my terror first led me to believe it would.

What I learned from not having a phone for 36 hours.

No Google Maps: My Sense Of Direction Improved
It’s almost like memorizing lines for a production. When you have them in front of you you’re reading the paper the whole time. When in reality we figure out that we can read the lines without the paper at all. Its only a crutch. Not having a phone wasn’t going to get in the way of my Friday night plans. Even with me being new to the city of Cincinnati. I figured out where to go before leaving the house and got to actually learn the names of streets.

We’re Afraid Of Our Own Thoughts
I realized this as I was in the gym. Normally I always have my phone so I can check and see what’s going on in the world in between sets. Except this time I only had my iPod (working out without jams is impossible). In between sets I thought to myself, “What if I spent this time thinking about cool stuff instead of checking in with the world?” So I did, I thought about cool stuff. I went home that night and finished a project I had been stumped on for weeks.

I No Longer Had A Sense Of Obligation
I love social media. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows this. I’ve began to make a career out of it actually and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so. I use social media for 3 main things; a job, fitness and inspiring others. I knew my online life wasn’t going to stop because of my mistake. But it was nice to know that I could. Social media became important only when I was at my computer for the day. I no longer had the world on my shoulders with my phone in pocket. Even though I love what I get to do for people online, it was a breath of fresh air to only have to worry about what I’m doing for myself.

So there you have it! I have a phone again, its a necessity at this point in my life. Emails, phone calls, positivity to spread to the world. But I do appreciate knowing how good it can be to unplug for a short amount of time. You should try it on a Friday night and go hang out with your friends. Actually hang out too. Like, talk to each other face to face. I highly recommend it.


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