We Don’t Have a Type: The Types of Guys We Meet

Its hard to have a type these days. We’re focused on school or a career and who may or may not be interested in something thats more than ‘just friends’. And then we add in options. Options are everywhere. It’s awesome to meet someone in person, in class or at a concert. But if we’re ready for a relationship and that person doesn’t come along in time then we turn to the internet. I don’t know about you but my last serious relationship started from a message on Facebook saying, “You look really familiar.” Do I actually look familiar or is that just your opening line? Turns out that was just his opening line. But he was so attractive that I decided to give it a chance. Some of the worst relationship moments of my life occurred during that short 6 months.

Every relationship is different. We’re never going to feel the same feelings for a new person as we did for the person before them. That can be a good or bad thing, especially if you really felt awesome in your previous relationship and it just didn’t work out. What’s also inevitable is that every person we’re with will be drastically different than the previous. We may think we have a type but then we end up with a short (or rather long) list of guys all across the spectrum.

The guy who makes us feel no inhibitions

This guy is awesome. You usually meet earlier in the timespan of dating which is cool because you’re willing to give this person everything you got. We all make silly decisions when we’re young. This person is going to put you on cloud 9, or cloud 10 if there is such a thing. You’re gonna think “This is it, this is who I’m spending the rest of my life with. This is awesome!” The thing with meeting this guy too early is that you both still have some growing to do. Or as the guy might put it, some partying to do. That’s why this relationship eventually crashes and burns. Even though it sucks and it’s awful you’re still going to be forever grateful for the way you got to feel with this person. You know that is how you’re supposed to feel when the right guy comes along later down the road.

The guy who seems perfect

You’re in college and you’ve gone through being hurt once or maybe a couple times. You’re enjoying yourself dancing to ‘Shake It Off’ at the bars with your crew every weekend. Then this guy who literally seems like a greek God comes along and all of a sudden you’re dancing to love songs instead. He makes time for you, buys you flowers, introduces you to all his friends and family, takes his time with things. The problem is that it all happened within the first month and you’re stuck inside a whirlwind of feeling like it could never end and that he actually is a good person. Oh are we so wrong! The thing with guys who seems like he’s perfect is that he’s not. He has issues and problems that haven’t been dealt with just like the rest of us. He’s held onto being hurt for so long that eventually he will close up and shut you out. The rumor is true, you can never change someone, they have to change themselves.

The successful guy

I’ll just say this right away. This guy comes into your life and leaves just as fast only to show you what you can have for yourself without being in a relationship. His work ethic and intelligence is enough to get your ass in gear and become a success for yourself. This guy is always working, always talking about work. But he’s a good conversationalist so he does take the time to get to know you. He asks about your family and where you grew up and what your dreams and aspirations are. You learn more about yourself with this person than anyone before him. The thing is, if you’re not already a success then this relationship will end. And that’s okay because now you’re on your way to being one successful and badass chick.

We truly don’t know our type until we meet him. As long as we try to be the best version of ourselves and figure out who we really want to be, he’ll come along at just the right moment. So for now, keep dancing with your crew, keep working hard to become a success, and watch your relationship with yourself become better than any other you’ve ever known.



  1. kampiloto · April 8, 2017

    such a great post! love what you’re saying x

    Liked by 1 person

    • britneyelbert · July 8, 2017

      Thank you so much. I’m so happy to know this helped you in some small way ❤


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